You know that pile of clothes you would like to give away but the nearest charity shop is just a little too far? All these bits that are still in great shape, and you know that someone out there would be happy to have them, you just don't know how to get it to them.

What if we told you we've found a new home for your clothes, AND we'll give you a 20% discount for donating them? 

Welcome to the Apiologist Winter Swap!

This winter we're partnering with Life After Hummus, a social supermarket and a re-use centre in north London (you can read about their great work here). 

To take part in the Winter Swap follow the steps below.

  1. Pack your clothes (only bits in great condition please, we want to make people happy here. 3 pieces minimum.)
  2. Include a paper note saying “Apiologist winter swap” and your full name inside the package
  3. Post the package to: Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society
    58-62 Phoenix Road, Somers Town, NW1 1ES, London
  4. Drop us a quick email here with your full name and proof of postage
  5. Once charity receives your donation (thank you!), we’ll email you a 20% discount code to use across the website until the end of January 2024

If you have any questions drop us an email