Clothing for people that don't quite fit in. Like us. 


Cardi Bee
Cover Me Top
The 80s Shirt
Break My Heart Dress
Envy Skirt
The Bardot

Apiologist – noun

Etymology: [L. apis bee +-logist (see -logy).]


A person who studies apiology, the science of bees (especially honeybees) and honey-making. Bees have for thousands of years fascinated societies from around the world.

The Mayans believed the bee to be a symbol of a Goddess; the bringers of life and abundance. The Druids considered the bee to represent fertility, personal power and community.

Ancient Judaism associated bees with successful and peace with individuals working selflessly and in harmony as integral parts of their community.

For us, the bee represents both fragile beauty and awesome strength. The bringer of the sweetest nectar and yet able to slay those foolish enough to interfere. 

We can all be Queen Bees.



Rhi - Head of Brand

Offensively cool, depressingly witty and all round none too shabby. Like Lindsay Lohan without the drugs.

Martyna - Head of Design

Fills our screens and our clothes with the breathings of her heart. Also dresses as a rabbit and is a bit weird about tea.

Christopher - Queen Bee

No one is really sure what he actually does, but he does it so, so well. If wits were pins, the man would be a veritable hedgehog.

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