This is our story – listen up, it’s a good one.

We are the coming together of three minds; a stylist (that's Rhi in the pink beanie), a designer (that's Martyna in the, er, you know, maybe like bear ears?) and an old hand in the fashion business (that's Christopher - that's about all the smile you get) who should know better.

We worked together on other projects and we knew that, together, with our own baby, we could do so very much better.

There were brands that we appreciated and admired, and of course there still are, but there was nothing that clicked with us time and again.  And so we were always searching for the right fit or trying to fit into looks that weren’t quite right, that weren’t quite us, that didn’t quite represent where we were at.

And so Apiologist was born to represent and to provide for those who, like us, don’t fit into the mainstream.

We’re outsiders, we’re loners, we’re nerds, we are not black and white, we’re straight, we’re gay, we’re “I don’t fit into your tick box thank you very much”, we’re from here, we’re from over there, we’re not really happy with the way things are and we ain’t gonna follow no rules.

Born from the fringes of post punk and goth Apiologist’s drive it to bring to you beautifully made clothes that stand for something. 

All European made, all designed in London and all hand finished and embroidered in a tiny workroom.  We want all of you to feel comfortable in your own skin as the clothes make us feel in ours.

No sweatshops, no minimum wages, no turning a blind eye.  We think that fashion can be affordable and ethical at the same time and we aim to make pieces that you will return to time and again.

We welcome you to the swarm.