It's All Gone Witchy Fashion | The Apiologist

It's All Gone Witchy Fashion | The Apiologist

OK, OK – so no prizes for working out that it ain’t October and Halloween won’t be upon us for eons (although hell, did I miss trick or treating this last time around – Fangtastic anyone?) – so what’s with the Witchy Fashion ting?

Witchcore (there is always a -core – but basically think Witchy clothes) is everywhere from your favourite TikTokers to that dame working in one of the only coffee shops round your way that is still serving them flatties, rocking the long sleeve black fitted top and contrasting white doily ruff: black dresses (long and short), oversized black coats, lace tights, DMs (always ALWAYS love those DMs), chokers on a school night and a trusty bit of pleather.

Heroin chic may have been decades ago (and death really isn’t that becoming) but as it smoothly progressed into the Green Day emo of the late 90s and onwards, black became a staple of the teen wardrobe and, like so many other trends over the years – the kids knew what they were up to and were onto a good thing with the whole Witchy clothes look.

As this century has progressed, and with it Women’s voices, identifying with a resourceful, powerful, unencumbered female form has inevitably become more popular.  It really isn’t so long ago that we took Women who lived alone, maybe with a cat, and drowned them in village ponds or burnt them at the stake.  But the image of Witches has broken free from the Salem trials to be something both achievable and aspirational – not dependent on any man for power, and in control of your destiny.

Take the modern interpretation of Morticia Addams (and indeed her feckless husband Gomez) portrayed over the years as a siren of sorts – and by some of the most graceful Women ever to grace the silver screen; Carolyn Jones (1964) and Anjelica Huston (1991 and 1993) particularly spring to mind.  Yes – these were somewhat frightening characters, but they were not ‘inhuman’ as they had been in the story books of old – dammit they were unashamedly sexy as fuck, manicured and groomed in floor length gowns and the absolute head of the Addams Family.  They had it going on, they know they had it going on, and we did too.  And we loved them for it.

And so to today’s fashion pieces from the nod to S&M with black leather and chain chokers (which probably only a decade ago would have your granny fainting in the street) to simple cut and even ‘summery’ dresses – but always in black dhhhaaaarling, always in black.

Witchcore, Gothcore, Emocore, Funeralcore (OK – I made that last one up) or whatever silly name we choose to give it – Witchy fashion is here to stay and, with all good things, has become a staple of every self-confessed fashionista’s wardrobe in one way or another.  Whether that is with the aforementioned chocker, a spider ring, a skull and cross bones headscarf, a full length black embroidered dress, a hooded cape jacket, stripped tights and yes – those DMs again – all of it harks back to that powerful, magical, independent, otherworldly female form; the Witch.  And we are totally here for it.

Photography by the amazing Freddie Stisted

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