Adeline Parachute Dress

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Adeline Grey was just 24 when, in 1942, at the height of the Second World War, she tested a new form of nylon parachute for use by troops fighting the ravages of fascism in Europe. It was her 33rd jump and was another success. She survived the war and died, aged 59, quietly in her home in the US.

And so we present the Adeline Parachute Dress - made for us in Italy and embroidered here in London. It really is a beauty.

For all the unsung heroines - of conflict, of the factory, of the home, of life - that we are in danger of forgetting just like Adeline, 10% of profits for the dress will go straight to Solace - a charity offering support for women and children in London to make their futures abuse and violence-free.

We won't forget you Adeline - thank you for your bravery.
Api x

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